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Crystalin offers the expertise and experience of academics to industry for innovative solutions to pharmaceutical solid-state issues. Over 80% drugs and 95% of top-selling drugs are administered as tablets/ capsules. All drugs coming through development in the last 10 years have many polymorphs and pseudopolymorphs.

The focus of Crystalin is to use the knowledge of hydrogen bonding and crystal packing to develop novel design strategies for polymorphs and cocrystals and salts. Analytical techniques such as XRD, DSC, TGA, thermo-microscopy, DVS, NMR, HPLC, IR, NIR, Raman spectroscopy are used to characterize new solid-state forms and monitor phase transitions. The knowledge and experience is applied to solve polymorphism, solvates, hydrates, stability, filterability, cocrystal, salt, dissolution, stability and tableting issues in drugs, discover novel API polymorphs, and optimize robust crystallization protocols.

API characterization
DSC, TGA, HSM, IR, NIR, Raman, microscopy, XRPD, SC XRD

Form screen
Polymorphs, solvates, cocrystals and salts of APIs through novel crystallization techniques

PC/PK/PD improvement
Soluble and stable cocrystals and salts of APIs with GRAS coformers, fast dissolution polymorphs

Phase Behavior
Kinetic & thermodynamic forms, anhydrous and hydrate/ solvate, amorphous and crystalline phases

Crystal structures of new molecules, lattice energy, density, stability and morphology of polymorphs

Patent Advice
Interpretation of polymorphs and cocrystals for patent fling, Drug efficacy enhancement.

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